Advice for Tourism Sector post lockdown

7:24 pm | Blog

It has been almost 6 months since we’re all locked inside our houses. With such abnormalities, all our travelling plans are also under quarantine along with us. According to the GIA, International Tourism fell by 22% in only the first quarter of 2020 and who knows for how long we have to live with this pandemic. The UN states that the International Tourism could be declined by 60%-80% in 2020 alone.

The condition is tormenting specially for countries like India, where a huge section of economy lies over Travel and Tourism Sector. To help and keep the sector economically moving, Mr. Moksh Popli, a renowned Business consultant and Entrepreneur came up with some of the most useful suggestions for the Tourism Sector post lockdown.

According to Moksh Popli, there are 4 areas that need to be considered and renovated for an ‘up and running’ Tourism Sector which he likes to call the ‘TPPF’:

T: Time

  • A standard timeline need to be introduced for the Destinations and Businesses in order for them to assess their resources and abilities to reopen under clean and healthy Criteria.
  • All the tourist attractions are to be ruled with specific time frames and a predetermined no. of tourists allowed. These time frames are required to have Sanitizing break every few hours.
  • Repeated Announcements and notices are to be given to these businesses in order to keep them reminded of their standard timeline for reopening.

P: People

  • Development and recreation of clear guidance to the tourists about what is safe and what isn’t at different tourist spots.
  • Salary Allowance upto a certain percent for the worker as many destinations will not be able to operate economically under social distancing, seasonal nature of tourism and its dependence on tourist demand.
  • Clear guidance on how best to protect and keep our colleagues and customers safe through adaptations to sites and use of PPE as restrictions are lifted

P: Policies

  • Lifting up pressures like the tax obligations on visitors, to aid the recovery of the tourism sector, and adapt to new ways of working and travelling.
  • Moksh Popli suggests that the Package travelling Regulations can be revised with an additional transportation incentivizing domestic trips.
  • Seasonal Restrictions over certain businesses and destinations needs to be uplifted wherever possible.

F: Future

  • Moksh Popli states that there is no known upper limit to the pandemic at this hour, therefore all the timelines, developments, policies are to be made with a futuristic approach.
  • Using the crisis as an opportunity, encourage travelers for a ‘Stay at home’ holiday with marketing campaigns focused on domestic tourism.
  • International Visas can be extended making it easier for tourists to visit post pandemic.

Considering the situation worldwide it is clear that we need to prepare for a new era of Tourism. With such insightful suggestions from Mr. Moksh Popli we hope for a boom in the sector soon.