The 5 Best Apps for Avid Business Travelers

At first, traveling for business is exciting. After all, you get to hop around the country or world and experience new places more often than most. However, once the initial thrill wears off, constant traveling for work can be rushed, stressful, and tiring. Traveling for business doesn’t have to be so bad, though. The following list of apps can make your next trip a breeze.


This free app uses both historical data and a form of crowdsourcing to predict with 95% accuracy when the most affordable flights will be available. What’s more, the interface is incredibly user friendly, utilizing color coded dates for quick price assessment, notifications to alert when prices have dropped or will rise, and a “tips” section that guides you through variables that may affect the price of your travel.

Google Translate

If you’re a frequent international traveler, you probably have a few horror stories about a time when you could have really used a good translator. When language barriers fail, technology can help. Google Translate is free and offers over 100 languages. The app utilizes speech-to-text, as well as your camera, to assist in real-time translations.


Parking is becoming increasingly difficult to find in many cities. It can sometimes seem as though you’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for a spot to park your car. To avoid being late or winding up further away from your destination than you’d like, download Parkwhiz. This app locates parking spaces in secure garages or lots and lists rates so you can find an affordable option wherever you go. It is free and available to both Android and iOS users.


Often times, the most annoying part of business travel is keeping track of all your expenses. With the Concur app, you’ll be able to take pictures of receipts, import credit card charges, and add/edit expenses directly on the app. It can also be linked to the next app, Tripit, to store itineraries and expenses in a single place.


As previously mentioned, this app can be linked to Concur so that you’re able to keep track of all your business travel needs in one place. By uploading your flight, restaurant, hotel, and rental car confirmations to the app, you’ll essentially create a digital itinerary and master planner. Gone are the days of paper confirmations, boarding passes, and remembering reservations. Tripit takes care of it all.

With a hand from technology, traveling for business isn’t as much of a stress or as time consuming. All of these apps are free and available for both Android and iOS users, ensuring that everyone, anywhere, at anytime can have the information they need. You will, of course, still need a WiFi or data connection, but in our increasingly digital world those are not hard to come by.