How to Work Remotely While You Travel

2:16 pm | Moksh Popli

As a remote worker, are you fully utilizing your current situation? A remote work title allows you to roam and explore as you simultaneously complete your work. Sound too good to be true? It is and it isn’t. While it’s completely possible to work and travel at the same time, ensuring that you have enough work to fund your adventures and enough time to complete your tasks can be a fine line. Luckily, there are ways to manage it all and live the life you want.

Utilize Travel Time

When you are moving from one place to the next, make sure to use that time to its full extent. Trains and airplanes that offer WiFi present a great opportunity to get work done. What else can you do during that time? Create a specific and reasonable goal to complete before you get to your destination and spend the time traveling meeting that goal.

Create a Hard Schedule

Remote workers often fall into the line of thinking that as long as the work gets done, it doesn’t matter when I complete it. While that may technically be true, too flexible of a schedule can become overwhelming quickly. Carve out time for work at the same time every day and go exploring after it’s finished. You’ll be able to enjoy the personal experiences more if you’re not worried about everything you still have to do.

Stick Around for Awhile

The desire to get up and go to another place after a few days is understandable. Wanderlust can be tricky to shake, and you want to see everything a country has to offer. However, try to resist the temptation and stick around a place for an extended amount of time. Fully experiencing a new culture and making connections can enhance your work in the most creative of ways. It’s also a lot less lonely and a lot less exhausting.

Plan for Poor Internet Connection

Though we more or less expect there to be internet connection everywhere we go now, that’s not always the case. There may not be a corner cafe or local library that offers WiFi, or the connection in a remote city may be spotty and unreliable. Having a backup plan if you find yourself without a decent connection is a must for remote workers. Luckily, you can now purchase internet SIM cards, connect to a wireless hotspot, or purchase a spot at a co-working space, which many cities have now.

Traveling while you work remotely is a dream. But like all dreams, without a little dose of reality, it’s likely to end poorly. Prioritizing work if you’re remote is key to this scenario, but with effective time management and a good schedule, traveling while you work is more than possible.