An Opportunity for Indian Education Sector with E-learning

11:49 am | Blog

Indian Education Sector demanded and required a modern approach to be regulated with the changing times since the methods, techniques and measures used in the Indian Education System were an issue since decades. The reforms that are recently introduced towards Education in India are theoretically promising but with certain loop holes considering other factors residing in the country. Nonetheless, the new introductions will bring a much needed and positive change in the Education Sector and beyond.

Mr. Moksh Popli, Business Consultant and Entrepreneur, in an enlightening conversation stated how E-learning with these new reforms to the Indian education system is a huge opportunity to the country.

Mr. Popli believes that India is a country with world’s 2nd largest number of brains yet they are not utilized up to their full capacity. With the world changing every now and then, we need to increase our pace technologically and come up with new & interesting ways to efficiently use our Human Resource. According to Mr. Moksh Popli E-learning will prove to be a very interesting and promising introduction to the students in India. It is through E-Learning only that the lectures and classes are accessible to the students even when the entire world had shut down amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Here are some of the facts stated by Mr. Moksh Popli in support of E-Learning to be a part of The Indian Education Sector:

  • A shift from the traditional methods to E-learning will enable students to explore more via various online resources, hence creating a greater learning aspect.
  • E-learning makes it easier for the students attend their lecture even after the classes which further helps in revisions and queries. “As a bonus, teachers are not bugged constantly” Moksh Popli adds.
  • Considering the different factors in the country, like Poverty, Child Labor, etc, E-learning proves to be a source to educate children even when they are not able to attend school regularly.
  • There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to E-Learning. Students can attend the recorded lectures whenever they want to along with the recorded audios of the lectures.
  • E-Learning creates a convenient and flexible education schedule for students; hence they can concentrate on other skills and activities as well.
  • Students are not required to depend on each other for notes or revisions anymore; they can have everything with just a few clicks.

There can be numerous reasons to shift from the traditional teaching methods to E-Learning. Mr. Moksh Popli envisions E-Learning as the most effective and acceptable method for the Indian education system though with a few more technological implementations. With such new introductions to the Education Sector, we can only hope for a better future of the country.